Social Responsibility

At CECL we are committed to being a responsible and holistic business, in terms of how we contribute to the wider community  in which we live – it is fundamentally important to us that whatever we do must help impact the lives of the less fortunate and what better place to start then at home-  we intend to do undertake various projects that will lead to the  empowerment of women and youth in earning for themselves and subsequently live  better and healthier lives.

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We work hard to ensure that the impact of our business activities on the environment is minimized by creating fauna and tree cover that provides serenity and peace of mind to the staff and is conducive to clean air, we practice recycling of waste and adoption of modern technology to curb air and sound pollution. As a policy, we also generate online statements and have paperless record-keeping.


We have been involved in donations to the neighboring primary school and churches. We also maintain the feeder road to our plant which benefits the community around us. Furthermore, Cibien invested in power installation and had brought power to the doorsteps of many, which benefits the local school and the kapsiret community in general.


As a result of our existence, the neighbourhood has also gained from employment opportunities and training as well as technology transfer. We expect our presence to continue to enhance economic gain for the community around us.


Ø Water project: We will undertake a project to provide water which will benefit the 45 families surrounding Cibien and enable youth and women to earn an income through horticulture and forestry.

Ø Grading of the access road: this will be a big boost to the transportation of vegetable and other supplies to nearby markets for sale.

Ø Upgrading the neighbouring school by donating books and computer equipment – recognizing that Good education is the key to empowerment and sustainable success.

We would like to think that “We make a living by what we get BUT we make a life by what we give!